5 Kids Healthy Lunchbox Ideas


Trying to think of exciting additions for your kids’ lunch box on a daily basis can be a real struggle. But what if we told you, you could bulk up their lunchbox with healthy fillings which will make sure your little one doesn’t come home with a box full of untouched fruit having sat in their bag all day!

We’ve pulled together our easiest, tastiest and healthiest ideas to make sure your child is getting at least 3 of their 5-a-day while they’re at school.

1. Ditch the soggy sandwiches 

The best thing about a sandwich is making it from fresh and eating it straight away, so the salad is still crunchy and the meat cold, but if it’s been sat in a bag for 4 hours who can blame kids for not being excited by their sandwich?

Why not try switching the sandwich up completely and adding another carby option that’ll still ensure some variety is being added to your child’s diet. Pasta, tuna or even potato salads are all great options. Not only will it leave your kid feeling fuller for longer but   you could also include nutritious fruit and veg like tomatoes, broccoli and celery.

2. Switch up the crisps and chocolate

This one may cause a little tantrum to begin with, but we promise this will wear off once your little one realises there are other tasty treats hidden in their lunchbox. Cutting down on foods that are high in salt and sugar is a massive step in the right direction for a healthier lunchtime.[1]Swap your crisps and chocolate for dried apricots, dates, unsalted nuts and even mini chunks of cheese and pineapple.

kids healthy lunchbox 1

 3. Try something new

 Get your child interested in something new, so that they can try alternative options in their lunchbox each week. Not only is this good for them, but it also lets you spice things up a little and discover new snacks that you may not have considered once upon a time.

Our favourite lunchbox addition has to be tangerines dipped in chocolate and this one’s super easy. Dip half of each segment of the tangerine into melted dark chocolate and put in the fridge overnight to set. It’s tasty, easy and one of your 5-a-day – and who can say no to that?

4. Steer clear of sugary drinks

We’re all guilty of giving our kids the occasional sugary drink, but try to avoid adding these into the school lunchbox – and if you do, opt for the sugar free variety. We want to ensure they remain hydrated, so a bottle of water is always a good idea for productivity and energy. However, other additions such as semi-skimmed milk, homemade smoothies[2] and pure fruit juices[3] are always good for giving your kid a boost of good nutrients for the day.

*Top tip* Freeze a bottle of water overnight before adding it to a lunchbox, this will not only give your child a refreshing drink, but will also help to keep their lunch cool throughout the day!

kids healthy lunchbox 2

5. Help growing bones

A healthy, balanced diet is one of the most effective ways of building strong bones and it’s important that this starts from a young age.[4]However, there are also some high-calcium additions which will help growing bones that little bit more!

For the sweet tooth, why not try adding mini pots of cold rice pudding, custard[5] or Greek yoghurt[6] to your little one’s lunchbox, all of which are high in calcium and low in saturated fat. Other options include dips such as houmous and cream cheese to go with tasty carrot, cucumber and celery batons.